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Knocknagoney Primary School and Nursery Unit, Knocknagoney Road, Belfast

Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6!  

P6 is an important year, we work very hard but also have fun!

The teachers in Primary 6 are Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Irwin.  Miss Magee is Mrs Kirkpatrick's teaching assistant and Mrs Pettigrew is Mrs Irwin's teaching assistant.


Our World Around Us topics are:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • The tropical Rainforest
  • Energy and Electricity

We will keep our page updated throughout the year with photos of some of the work we have been doing.


Curriculum Information

Some of the Main areas covered in P6 during Term 1


  • Place value
  • Read and order numbers 1 – 10,000,000
  • Function machines
  • Multiplying by 10/100 & dividing by 10/100
  • Rounding to nearest 10/100/1000 working to millions
  • Revision of tables
  • Single and long multiplication
  • Calculator work
  • Addition and subtraction up to 1,000,000 and revision of multiplication and division
  • Adding and interpreting data on bar graphs, 2 and 3 circle Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams
  • Creating graphs
  • Revision of times on analogue and digital clock in minute intervals
  • Calendar work including interpreting timetables
  • Area of regular and irregular shapes
  • Perimeter of regular shape


Reading to include Accelerated Reader, Class Novel and a range of shared and guided texts.          


  • Punctuation: capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks
  • Parts of speech to include: the different types of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs
  • Common and proper nouns
  • Verb tenses
  • Homophones
  • Conjuctions


  • Teaching the strategies of prediction, inference and summarising using fiction and non-fiction texts


  • Activities including vocabulary building and dictionary skills related to daily spelling


  • Genre focuses of recount and persuasive writing



4th Jun 2021
P6K have enjoyed taking part in the DARE project, we have thought about 'dreams,...
3rd Jun 2021
P6 have been enjoying problem solving using Izak9 and doing some outdoor numeracy...
28th May 2021
P6 had a very busy day, after the share the walk trip to the park the p6s ran a mile...
28th May 2021
P6 enjoyed walking to the park for some outdoor maths challenges as part of our shared...

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P6 Information

School Times

Class School day begins School day finishes
P6I 08:45 2:45pm  (1:45pm on Thurs and Fri)
P6K 09:00 3:00pm (2.00pm on Thurs and Fri)


Pupils should come to school in their school Tracksuit or P.E kit on the days below

P6K Tuesday afternoon
P6I Tuesday afternoon