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Knocknagoney Primary School and Nursery Unit, Knocknagoney Road, Belfast



At Knocknagoney Primary School we believe that digital technologies are very powerful resources which can enhance and transform teaching and learning.  We believe that technology has an integral role to play in helping pupils to achieve their full potential, assisting them in overcoming barriers to learning and in supporting learning throughout the school community.  We aim to integrate technology throughout our curriculum with children using the internet for research and other class projects.  With this in mind, internet and online safety is of vital importance. 

We have recently put in a place a new UICT E-Safety scheme in all our classrooms to ensure that E-Safety education is taking place and pupils are aware of the risks when using the internet.  



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Virgin Media have provided us with some useful tools that will assist parents when they are considering the safety of their children online.  Take a look below:

📝 Children’s Internet Safety Test 📝

Our goal is to ensure that internet users of all ages can explore the wonders of the web safely. Therefore, our experts have crafted a Children’s Internet Safety Test covering topics such as Cyberbullying, Parental Controls, Inappropriate Content, and Social Media. We also provide supporting educational articles.

Here’s the link - Children’s Internet Safety Test

🎮 What Game Should I Play? 🎮

Discovering the perfect video game for your child can be a challenge, but the What Game Should I Play? tool makes it a breeze – it’s a game-changer for parents.

It includes a handy “Age” filter to find age-appropriate games for their children. With genres ranging from "Card and Board Games" to "Adventure," it's a fantastic way to ensure kids are enjoying games that align with their age and interests.

Here’s the link - What Game Should I Play?.